Garrett King

Garrett King

You might want some elastic in your jeans.

For those of you who have a little experience taking pictures, I think you’ll be able to identify with me: One of the stranger side effects of being a photographer is what happens to your clothes. I’ll explain.

I often look down at myself after a shoot and notice that, irreparably, a garment is in a different (and more messed up) state than it was when I started my day. I find ripped knees, I find holes in the underarms of my t-shirts, and perhaps most frustratingly, I find the dreaded crotch blowout in my jeans.

Crotch blowouts are an expensive problem. I don’t know about y’all, but I find that photography has accelerated this problem dramatically. I look down one day a year or so into owning a pair of jeans, and notice that I’ve got a small rip in the seat. Most tailors will begrudgingly fix it, and often the solution is stitching a piece of blue scrap fabric into the seat of your jeans. The nice thing is that the affected area comes back stronger than ever. The downside, though, is that once you get to that point, you’ve probably already started weakening the fabric in a lot of other areas. So it might only be a matter of time before you create another hole elsewhere.

So please, do your wallet a favor: Get some elastic in your pants that you’re wearing to shoot in. If you’re on the ground and rolling around in parking lots and dirty streets and people’s front yards as much as I am, trying to get the right angle, you’re well on your way to some busted clothing. So, wearing something inexpensive or really durable pays off.

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